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!!!WE HAVE CASTROL SyntorQ  75w85 GL-4 FACTORY CHEVY/CHRYSLER/DODGE NV4500 TRANSMISSION FLUID IN STOCK  @ $15.50 per 1qt shipped in 1GAL JUG!!!! (it meets the GM 12346190, Chrysler/Dodge MS-9070, 4637579 and 4874459 specifications) This fluid won’t eat up your brass/carbon fiber lined syncros found in the NV4500 transmission)

Don’t destroy your transmission by using other fluids, FILL OUT our form bellow if you want to place an order and we will contact you promptly.


We have rebuild kits for NV4500 Chevy and Dodge transmissions, gaskets,  bearings, seals etc. Feel free to ASK US for anything related to the NV4500 transmission.




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